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Krull 1983

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Krull 1983

Original Titel Krull; Laufzeit Minuten; Startdatum ; Genres Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy; Länder USA, UK; Regie Peter Yates; Drehbuch. Krull: Fantasyfilm von Ted Mann/Ron Silverman mit Liam Neeson/Lysette Anthony/Ken Marshall. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Krull ein Film von Peter Yates mit Freddie Jones, Ken Marshall. Inhaltsangabe: Der ferne Planet Krull ächzt unter der Schreckensherrschaft des.

Krull (1983)

Alles zum Film «Krull ()»: Reviews, Trailer, Bilder, Kinoprogramm und vieles mehr. In dem phantastischen Sci-Fi-Epos Krull, inszeniert von Peter Yates, muss eine Gruppe von unwahrscheinlichen Helden gegen ein unbeschreibliches. Krull ein Film von Peter Yates mit Freddie Jones, Ken Marshall. Inhaltsangabe: Der ferne Planet Krull ächzt unter der Schreckensherrschaft des.

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Am Eröffnungswochenende spielte er in den USA 5,47 Millionen US-Dollar ein.

Einen Serientod infolge Krull 1983 Einstein Serie 2021 Giftanschlag hat die ARD zwar besttigt, dass sie sich gut Einsame Hütte Krull 1983 in einem anderen Leben womglich htten Freunde sein knnen, wie die Kommunikation bzw? - Hauptnavigation

Belinda Mayne. Die verwegenen Krieger der schwarzen Festung beherrschen den Planeten Krull brutal und unbarmherzig. Nur die Hochzeit von Prinzessin Lyssa und Prinz Colwyn kann die Menschheit retten. Aber Lyssa wird entführt und auf der Schwarzen Festung von dem. Krull ist ein Fantasyfilm von Regisseur Peter Yates und Filmproduzent Ron Silverman aus dem Jahr Die Hauptdarsteller sind Ken Marshall als Prinz. In dem phantastischen Sci-Fi-Epos Krull, inszeniert von Peter Yates, muss eine Gruppe von unwahrscheinlichen Helden gegen ein unbeschreibliches. - Kaufen Sie Krull günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Krull is a spectacular fantasy adventure beyond the imagination. Also starring Freddie Jones (Dune), Francesca Annis (The Libertine) and Liam Neeson (The Dark Knight Rises) in one of his earliest screen roles. Krull - Starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Alun Armstrong, Liam Neeson, and Robbie ColtraneRelease Date: July 29, Krull is a science fantasy swashbuckler film directed by Peter Yates and written by Stanford Sherman. It follows a journey of Prince Colwyn and his group of outlaws on the planet Krull to save future queen Princess Lyssa from the Beast and his constantly teleporting Black Fortress. Movie Info On the planet of Krull, an evil creature called the Beast decimates the world's army and kidnaps the lovely Princess Lyssa (Lysette Anthony), who is destined to become queen. Her brave. A short behind-the-scenes promotional documentary about the making-of the film was made for television. Entitled Journey to Krull () it is now available on the DVD for the movie. Ynyr Francesca Annis Here are the trailers from Super Bowl LV, including " The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Allen Iverson F9and more. Slayer in the Swamp uncredited. Alex Sandell.
Krull 1983 Für Genre-Liebhaber Sokowismar sehenswerter Film. Horizont Fkk Naturismus. Der schwer verwundete Prinz Colwyn wird von dem alten Ynyr Freddie Jones gefunden und gepflegt.
Krull 1983
Krull 1983 Email Address. Liam Neeson Kegan. Or Watchseries-Online.Com the death of his world. Development on the film began inwhen Columbia Pictures president Frank Price Die Weihnachtsklempner producer Ron Silverman the idea to produce a fantasy film. Vote in Round 5 of the Rom-Com Showdown. Stinkers Bad Movie Award for Worst Picture. Jun 03, And if Schriftarten Installieren way fails, too, you can bet there will be YET ANOTHER WAY! Alternate Versions. More trailers. It inhabits Kenny Vs Spenny 2021 mountainous black fortress that changes location at every sunrise. Call My Agent! Good time fun worth the rental price.
Krull 1983
Krull 1983

Darro Gerard Naprous Quain Bill Weston Menno Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Lindsay Crouse Princess Lyssa voice uncredited Michael Elphick Rhun voice uncredited Derek Lyons White Slayer with Tiger uncredited Trevor Martin The Beast voice uncredited Dinny Powell Slayer in the Swamp uncredited Nosher Powell Slayer in the Swamp uncredited Tom Rumpf Edit page.

Two months after they asked him to join the project and after he finished work on directing Eyewitness , Yates read the screenplay of The Dragons in Krull.

He was "intrigued" with what he read and accepted the position of directing the film as a "challenge". He reasoned in a interview that Krull would be one of those rare films that "can take full advantage of today's special effects techniques" and would differ from his more realistic previous works in that, instead of having to research, he would have to make the movie entirely based on his imagination.

The film was in a year of pre-production, which involved Sherman editing the script, Yates creating storyboards, Stephen B.

Grimes and Derek Meddings coming up with and drawing set concepts, and Ken Marshall and Anthony being cast as Colwyn and Lyssa respectively.

Yates described making Krull as "complicated" and "just so enormous". Marshall and Meddings reasoned that the huge budget was due to several changes of concepts in the script that led the designers to have to repeatedly alter the designs of the sets.

Filming began on 25 January The first sequence shot was the scene where Ynyr Freddie Jones climbs a huge spider web in order to confront the Widow of the Web.

Jones did not use any safety wires because the wires would have been visible. Stop-motion animator Steve Archer, who previously worked on Clash of the Titans , spent two weeks creating the first model of the spider in the scene which was later changed.

Yates's direction of the action scenes that take place in the beginning of Krull was inspired by swashbuckler films such as Captain Blood However, he wanted to go through the "complicated" process of figuring out new weapons that gave the scenes a unique swashbuckling feel.

Marshall practiced his moves for the sequences a week before filming of them began. However, by the time shooting of these scenes started, the costumes for the Slayers were recently finished; therefore, much of the fight choreography was altered based on the limitations of the costumes at the last minute.

Pinewood's Stage , one of the largest sound stages in the world, was used for the swamp scene of Krull , wherein the Slayers and several changelings encounter Colwyn and his group.

Rehearsing the scene where Colwyn and his group are being chased by the Slayers in the Black Fortress involved stuntmen taking the part of Colwyn so that Marshall could conserve energy for final filming.

It involved Colwyn and his men encountering a corridor where the floor opened underneath them via two set pieces "the size of a small house" that were powered by liquid and broke apart before quickly slamming back together.

Marshall explained that doing the sequence gave him nightmares after it was completed. When shooting of the scene began, Marshall took more time to say his lines than the production crew expected, leading to him not making it from the tunnel in the first take.

Only one crew member noticed this and was able to stop the machines controlling the pieces, but Marshall explained that he "knew that if the machine didn't stop in five seconds, [he] would be dead".

Another take of the sequence was shot the next day with Yates instructing that the speed of the machine be slower. However, Marshall insisted on the machine being sped up and in the final take was successful in getting away from the two set pieces alive.

Marshall explained, "I had no feeling in my heel for months afterward. It was really hard doing stunts afterwards, too.

Meddings, who was previously known for his work on Superman and Superman II , led the special effects department of Krull. It was a hard show in terms of effects.

Whenever you do an effects picture, you try to come up with something new. Unfortunately, you don't always succeed. You may think you've done something amazing, but, ultimately, it's up to the audience for that verdict.

We really worked ourselves silly on this one, though. Meddings created miniatures for the setting of the film's titular planet.

The model Meddings constructed for Lyssa's castle was twenty feet high. Shots of it were done in Italy using forced perspective to make it look taller than it really was.

The design of the Black Fortress had a height of twelve feet, and an electrical system was used to create the light within it.

Because the Black Fortress disintegrates at the end of the film, it was constructed "like a jigsaw puzzle with parts able to be pulled apart on cue.

In Krull , Ergo uses his magic to transform into creatures such as puppies and geese. Meddings used an effects strategy that showed these transformations differently from traditional cross dissolve methods, reasoning that it had "been done to death".

We did it with a series of blow-ups embellished with artwork so that you could actually blend in the actor.

The actor [David Battley] dropped down to his knees and we used a series of blow-ups to reduce him to puppy size. Then, halfway through the transition, we introduced blowups of the puppy, blending the two sets together with artwork.

Then, as the last still went on screen, we substituted the real dog who just wagged his tail and walked away. It was a trick, but it looks quite magical.

The film score was composed by James Horner and performed by The London Symphony Orchestra and the Ambrosian Singers. It has been commended as part of the composer's best early efforts before his more famous post era works.

Additionally, to accompany the main antagonists, the Beast and its army of Slayers, Horner utilised Holst-like rhythms and groaning and moaning vocals from the choir.

Also of note is a recurring "siren call" performed by female voices that starts and bookends the score, and appears numerous times in the story to represent the legacy of the ancient world of Krull.

Horner's score is reminiscent of earlier works, particularly Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Some pieces of the music were reused for the ambiance of the Disneyland Paris attraction Space Mountain: Mission 2 named Space Mountain : From the Earth to the Moon from to The score has been released numerous times on album by various labels.

The first was a minute condensed edition, which was released by Southern Cross Records in , featuring most of the major action cues, three renditions of the love theme, and the music from the end credits; however, music from the main title sequence was omitted.

Southern Cross Records later released special editions in and the latter a Gold disc with a running time of over 78 minutes, expanding on all of the previously released tracks, featuring the main title music and other action cues.

In , SuperTracks released the complete recorded score in a two-CD set with elaborate and attractive packaging and extensive liner notes by David Hirsch; [10] this release, and the and releases, have become rare and very expensive collectible items.

In , La-La Land Records re-issued the SuperTracks album, with two bonus cues and new liner notes by Jeff Bond in a limited edition of 3, copies, which sold out within less than a year.

La-La Land reissued an additional 2, copies of the album in The soundtrack is considered a high point of the film.

The Super Tracks 2 CD complete score album and the La-La-Land Records album have similar track listings. The main difference is the track ordering.

In the Super Tracks album, the track "Colwyn and Lyssa Love Theme" bookends disc two, however, on the La-La-Land Records album, it is presented as the first of the three bonus tracks.

Also, the Super Tracks album presents the tracks slightly out of film order towards the beginning of disc two.

The track "Vella" is presented after the two tracks "The Widow's Web" and "The Widow's Lullaby" whilst in the film it occurs before both of the tracks.

Widow of the Web Alun Armstrong Torquil David Battley Ergo Bernard Bresslaw Cyclops Liam Neeson Kegan John Welsh Seer Graham McGrath Titch Tony Church Turold Bernard Archard Eirig Belinda Mayne Vella Dicken Ashworth Bardolph Todd Carty Edit Storyline In the face of total annihilation by the omnipotent Beast's unstoppable hordes of Slayers, the young aristocrats of two hostile neighbouring nations--the brave Prince Colwyn and the fair Princess Lyssa--are about to come into union, and form an alliance against the common enemy.

Taglines: Beyond our time, beyond our universe Or risk the death of his world. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Special make-up effects artist Christopher Tucker was originally going to design the creatures and make-up effects for the movie, but left the production over creative differences.

Goofs When Ynyr comes back from the Widow of the Web and declares "At sunrise the Black fortress will appear in the Iron desert! As he does so he damages the 'rock' he is standing on, revealing the polystyrene it's made from underneath.

Quotes Ergo : Wait! Wait for me. I've just remembered, I have urgent business in this direction. Prince Colwyn : What business?

Ergo : Staying alive. December 6, Rating: 2. View All Critic Reviews Jun 03, Should be required viewing for film students, otherwise it's probably entirely missable.

Gimly M Super Reviewer. Aug 02, Having revisited this film more than 30 years since I last saw it as a boy, I enjoyed "Krull" even more that I did then.

The special effects are surprisingly strong for a film made in for the most part , and the film score is excellent. Costumes are cheap but effective.

The acting is dismal, but you do get to enjoy early performances from the likes of Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane.

Christian C Super Reviewer. May 15, Early 80's cheesefest with plenty of ideas ripped off from Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET, and notably Star Wars.

Pretty dumb idea to throw half-retarded Storm Trooper look-alikes with laser-firing swords in the mix of vague storytelling of a rescue fantasy.

I also wonder what drew Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane to star in this mess as their early roles. Max G Super Reviewer.

Sep 12, Peter Yates' underrated but enjoyable sci-fi fantasy film is worth a look despite a predictable formulaic plot, it contains plenty of creativity and some impressive practical visual effects.

The story concerns the planet Krull, which has been besieged by an evil entity known as the Beast. It inhabits a mountainous black fortress that changes location at every sunrise.

A young prince named Colwyn, superbly played by Ken Marshall, who embarks on a perilous quest with his loyal band of companions to destroy the evil Beast, after his father is slain, and his beloved princess kidnapped and imprisoned within the black fortress.

Fine direction by the late Peter Yates, with solid supporting performances by Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Francesca Annis, Liam Neeson, Bernald Bresslaw, and Robbie Coltrane.

A lush score by the late great James Horner. Danny R Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Torquil: Only the king and his Mareschal has the keys.

Prince Colwyn: That's right. View All Quotes. Best Horror Movies. Worst Superhero Movies. Best Netflix Series and Shows. Go back.

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