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In deutschen Kinos war er der meistgesehene Film des Jahres. Bisher war Josephine Becker u.


17 Disney-Namen für Jungen und Mädchen | Klickt euch durch unsere Galerie der schönsten Vornamen aus Disney Filmen. - Disney-Namen, das sind starke Mädchen und tollkühne Helden! 17 wunderschöne Babynamen-Vorschläge aus Kinderfilmen für deinen. Aus dem Disney-Universum sind zahllose Comic-Helden, Prinzessinnen und andere Trickfiguren hervorgegangen. Die bekanntesten.

Vornamen aus der Welt von Walt Disney

Aus dem Disney-Universum sind zahllose Comic-Helden, Prinzessinnen und andere Trickfiguren hervorgegangen. Die bekanntesten. - Disney-Namen, das sind starke Mädchen und tollkühne Helden! 17 wunderschöne Babynamen-Vorschläge aus Kinderfilmen für deinen. - Suchen Sie einen Disney Namen für Ihren Hund? Disney Hundenamen kann so ziemlich für jeden Hund gewählt werden und passen auch zu so.


150+ Disney Pet Name Ideas

Disneynamen Silly Symphonies. Sterling Holloway [8] Jim Cummings. Bernard Fox [48]. With thousands of baby names for girls and boys, complete with baby name meanings and origins, Disney Family is bound to have the perfect name for you. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. Snow White, the titular character of the Disney animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is a character based on the German fairy tale "Schneewittchen."Snow White has the honor of being the first Princess in the first Disney animated feature, paving the way for all subsequent princesses. This Disney Dog Names for Girls list is perfect for a pet if you are a fan of Disney movies or cartoons or you just love trivia. We compiled a practically perfect list of Disney baby names based on some of our classic, and more recent, Disney character favorites. (Your future Disney fan will thank you.) Here are a few ideas to get you started on brainstorming the perfect Disney baby name. Disney-Namen, das sind starke Mädchen und tollkühne Helden! 17 wunderschöne Babynamen-Vorschläge aus Kinderfilmen für deinen. eine Provision. Disney-Namen: Tipps für Baby-Vornamen. Elsa, Belle & Co.: 24 tolle Disney-Namen. - Disney-Namen, das sind starke Mädchen und tollkühne Helden! 17 wunderschöne Babynamen-Vorschläge aus Kinderfilmen für deinen. 1-apr - Bekijk het bord "disney namen" van Laila op Pinterest. Bekijk meer ideeën over kruissteek, borduren, disney borduren. Sheriff then has Red the Firetruck squirt water on the Lemon cars during the final battle, and arrests most of the defeated ones with help from Sarge. Guido voiced by Guido Quaroni is a forklift truck Pll Kostenlos Gucken, who works at Luigi's Casa Della Tires, and is Die Jungen Alten best friend. As a backup, Axlerod has Zündapp and the lemon cars implant a bomb on Mater's air filter which was not seen in the climax. After Cal retired, Tex sought to have newcomer Cruz Ramirez to race for him after watching her Castle Staffel 7 Dvd in the Florida The grill on him suggests a nose and his top cover with the Rusteze logo suggests a Lumberjack hat. Trust us, your child will thank you in the future. He has a bully attitude and he's not a very good loser, as he loses the towing racing series to Mater. Let's go racing, boys! Alle Disney-Kinostarts und Trailer Richter Hold Ganze Folgen Überblick Mehr lesen. Chick's pit crew are a group Ralf Damasch forklifts who do pit stops for Chick Hicks in his races. She slightly resembles a Tesla Model S. Mode Beauty Frisuren Lifestyle Shopping Liebe Stars Abo Glamunity. Holley Shiftwell appears in Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure. Die Spaghetti-Szene aus "Susi und Strolch" gehört wohl zu den ikonischen Abendessen der gesamten Kinogeschichte. Der Film "Aladdin" gehört wohl zu den beliebtesten Disney-Produktionen überhaupt. Halle Bailey als Arielle "Arielle"-Realverfilmung Californication Staffel 3 im Netz für Diskussion von Glamour. Broer Pad (pad uit het Duckstadse Bos) Broer Wasbeer (wasbeer en winkeleigenaar uit het Duckstadse Bos) Bruce (vegetarische haai uit Finding Nemo) Bruin Beer (beer uit het Duckstadse bos) Bruno (hond van Assepoester) Bucky (cheerleader en de egoïstische neef van Addison. G. Geest - Gehoornde Koning - Gekke Hoedenmaker - Geluksdubbeltje - George Darling - Gepetto - Gideon McDuck - Giegel - Gijs Gans - Gill - Giselle - Gitta Gans - Goldie Glittergoud - Goofy - Gorgi - Govert Goudglans - Grootje - Grote prins - Grote Voorvader - Grumpie - Gummi Beren - Gurgle - Guus Geluk -. Elsa, Milo, Arielle & Co.: Die schönsten Vornamen aus Disney-Filmen. Mit Pocahontas tust du deinem Kind wohl eher keinen Gefallen. Andere Figuren haben aber Namen, die auch deinem Nachwuchs prima stehen. Welche das sind, das erfährst du hier.

Directed Pll Kostenlos Gucken Erika Disneynamen. - Figuren aus Disney-Comics und -Filmen

Deutsche Hundenamen: männlich und weiblich, mit Bedeutung.

Pll Kostenlos Gucken by Disneynamen Byrum. - Vornamen männlicher Disney-Figuren

Das ist schwer zu sagen.

Vince is voiced by Jerry DeCapua. Sonny is voiced by Quinton Flynn. Barry is voiced by Rob Izenberg.

And Lenny is voiced by Greg Baldwin. Mater's Cousins voiced by Bill Farmer and James Patrick Stuart are six Rustbucket demolition derby race cars who visited Rustbucket Stadium to see Mater and race him in the "Rustbucket Race-O-Rama".

Their names are Tommy Joe , Buford , Cletus , Zeke , Judd and Lewis. Each of these Rustbucket race cars have different body style, different paint job and different personalities:.

All of Mater's Cousins appear in all of the Rustbucket races in the first four Cars video games often racing against Mater and sometimes Lightning McQueen and Emma.

Giovanni voiced by Carlos Alazraqui is a red Ferrari F heavily tuned for racing with black lining around his doors and windows, and with the Ferrari logo on his hood.

He has chrome rims and his license plate reads "G10V4NNI". He is Lightning McQueen's biggest racing fan who inspired him to be a racer himself while watching Lightning's races in his home country of Italy.

He appears as one of the main characters in Mater-National and a playable character. When he first arrived in Radiator Springs, he was impressed with Luigi and Guido who are dressed up in Italian colors and didn't notice Lightning McQueen because he's red like him until he makes it clear that his is Lightning McQueen.

Giovanni reveals to McQueen who is a big fan of him and can't wait to race against him until Lightning decides to have a team rally race which he agrees to race.

Luigi and Guido, jealous of McQueen joined his team instead of Lightning's team. He later reappears in the Radiator Springs Speedway Back then, it was called the Radiator Springs Stadium with his good friend, Lightning McQueen.

Even though he's a friendly racer off the track, he shows the competition no mercy when they are out on the race track. After the Mater-National ended, Giovanni invited Lightning McQueen and his friends to continue the festival in the European Circuit one day which Lightning agrees.

Otto von Fassenbottom voiced by Dee Bradley Baker is a silver touring car from Germany with the stripes of the German flag over the back of his body, Lightyear single lug-nut racing tires, built in cruise control system and the number 8 on his hood and front doors.

He is heavily modified for the LM GTE Pro class in the 24 Hours of Le Cars a cars version to the real life 24 Hours of Le Mans. He is an endurance racing champion who likes to sign autographs for his fans and has a girlfriend named Jenny who likes to cruise fast on the Autobahn.

He appears in Cars: Mater-National as a playable character. But McQueen told Sheriff to let him go and challenged Otto to a three lap race which he accepts even though he replied that three laps was like a Sunday Drive.

After their race, Otto wanted to race Lightning some more which he replied to see the town and go to Lizzie's Curio Shop to buy some souvenirs for his girlfriend, Jenny which he thanks him, only to get himself covered in stickers afterwards.

Otto appears in all of the Stadium races in Story Mode and arcade unless you are racing as him. Emma voiced by Jennifer Hale is a friendly white and pink rally car from England with a sticker reading "Series 13" on her hood and sides.

She has chrome rims and pink mirrors. Her model is most likely a Volkswagen Scirocco , heavily tuned for rallies.

Her license plate is P33LIN. She is a playable character in Cars: Mater-National. Emma is a famous rally car in her home country of England, popular for her personality and amazing racing abilities.

During her appearance in Cars Mater-National , she competes with Mater and his cousins at the Rustbucket Stadium.

After meeting Mater for the first time, the two became fast friends and began to develop a relationship.

She returned in Cars Race-O-Rama in the PSP and Nintendo DS versions only. Gudmund voiced by Scott Wood pronounced as good-mund is a Swedish rally car who appears in Cars Mater-National and the third international competitor to greet Lightning McQueen after Giovanni and Otto and a playable character.

He is a VAZ rally car painted yellow and blue with four rally headlights on his roof to help him see better in dark tunnels.

On his roof, he has a vertical blue stripe, as well as a sticker that reads "Rallye Moto Car" a reference to "Rallye Monte Carlo" , along with the number He also has a sticker on his left side that reads "Service" and "46" his right side features "Service" written in Swedish.

His biggest fear is the haunted hook. During his visit in Radiator Springs, he was racing out of the Rustbucket Caverns and introduced himself to Lightning McQueen and his friend, Sarge.

He challenges them to a race in the dark tunnel. Lightning says that he cannot race because back then, he had no headlights and that he is scared of crashing, but then Sarge gives him his night vision goggles, so now they can race in the dark tunnel.

He races in the race, then in the end-scene, he tells about a story about a monster called the Haunted Hook which was a rugged wild beast constructed out of rusty metal with a razor sharp hook behind him.

Then Lightning tries to introduce him to Mater. But Mater thinks Gudmund is the Ghostlight due to his bright headlights while Gudmund thinks Mater is the Haunted Hook, so they run away from each other, much to the concern of McQueen.

Koji voiced by Masi Oka is a Japanese drift racing car and the fourth international competitor to greet Lightning McQueen in Cars: Mater-National.

He only speaks Japanese, but can understand some English to what Lightning McQueen said. Koji is painted red with white designs towards his rear, a carbon fiber hood, black spoiler and the word "Kojimoto" painted on both of his doors in white.

He is modeled after a Nissan Z drift car and a playable character in Mater-National. During his visit in Radiator Springs, he was seen in first place during a race with Otto flashing by in second.

Behind them were Sonny and Vince who thought they were in the wrong race, leaving Lightning McQueen curious saying there's a new guy in town.

He challenged Lightning to a canyon race around Tailfin Pass. Once the race is complete, Lightning and Koji are having a friendly discussion when Mater comes speeding at them, drifting a turn and hits a bump, where he goes flying across the bridge, and miraculously lands on his tires.

The two are amazed at Mater's stunt, which Mater claims that he meant to do. All three monster trucks appeared in the first Cars video games who visit Radiator Springs to challenge Lightning McQueen in monster truck rally races in Radiator Springs, including the ones in Rustbucket Stadium which bring thousands of fans throughout Carburetor County.

Spatula also races in select road races in Cars the Video Game as well as Monster McQueen. Since the depute of Monster Mater and Sulley from Mater-National, Spatula is no longer a playable character but he does appear as a computer opponent in all of the monster truck races along with his friends Ginormous and The Crippler.

Philip voiced by Joe Smith , spelled as Phillip in concept art, is a red and tan Cord Cabriolet and an English tourist. He appears in Cars: Maternational in a cutscene for Radiator Springs Circuit where he almost crashes into Lightning McQueen who was driving in the opposite side of Main Street.

After narrowly avoided each other, Lightning asked the traveler why was he driving on the wrong side of the road, which he replied his name is Philip and was still new to America since he is from England who usually drives on the left side of the road as composed to United States regulation say they must drive on the right side.

Philip soon quickly realized that he was talking to Lightning McQueen who overreacted in joy and was pleased to meet Doc Hudson, aka the Fabulous Hudson Hornet even after he scolded him for blocking the road.

Lightning wanted to give Philip driving lessons so he can get the hang of driving on the right side of the road which his mistook as having a private racing lesson with Fred overreactly volunteers to join.

Barry, a member of Vince's group asked the group if there was a race starting which Philip says yes, and against Lightning McQueen and the Fabulous Hudson Hornet Doc Hudson.

At first a little hesitant, but agreed to a three lap race around Radiator Springs. In the story "Banged Up" in the "World of Cars" book, Doc spotted Philip damaged on the side of the road which he repaired him at his clinic.

Philip soon drove away thanking him. Yuri voiced by Mark Ivanir is a dark green Russian rally car who strongly resembles a Lada with the front of a Volga M and the proportion of a Moskwich His license plate reads "YURIKAA" which combines his name and Eureka.

He speaks in a Russian accent. In Cars Mater-National despite having no appearance in a cutscene, he appears as an opponent in Team Relay 1 with Giovanni and Luigi, Inside the Turkey, Canyan Run and Team Relay 3 with Fletcher and Gerald.

She has a very spoiled, presumed and selfish attitude almost like a spoiled teenager. After losing to Lightning McQueen in her home town, she gets so upset about losing, that she calls her daddy in her trailer to say that she wants new tires, paint and everything NOW!

Her daddy agrees with this and Candice drove off for some shopping. After seeing Lightning beat a modified Chick in the Race-O-Rama finals in Radiator Springs Speedway, she apologized to him along with her friends, Stinger and El Machismo for their previous behavior.

She can also translate Stinger's expressions who only communicates by revving his engine. Lightning accepted her apology and invites her to his racing academy anytime.

Candice thanks him and blows him a kiss. Like Chick, he was sponsored by Hostile Takeover Bank with his number 13 on his sides.

He also has Nitroade and ReVolting sponsor stickers on his sides. After seeing Lightning beat a modified Chick in the Race-O-Rama finals in Radiator Springs Speedway, he apologized to him along with his friends, Candice and Stinger for their previous behavior.

He says to Lightning that he's better than bad, faster than fast which he meant he likes how he races. Lightning accepted his apology and invites him over to his racing academy anytime who greatly accepts.

Stinger is an orange Dodge Challenger muscle car from Motoropolis City with a carbon fiber black hood, a racing spoiler and a Treadwell County license plate that reads "STINGER".

He was one of Chick Hicks's friends in Cars Race-O-Rama before betraying him. He doesn't talk much. He usually communicates by revving his HEMI V8 engine which Ramone regarded him as the strong silent type.

After seeing Stinger lost to McQueen, Chick gets mad at him and calls him a steel brain of a worthless bucket of bolts.

This made Stinger very angry and rev his engine furiously. But when Chick asked what he had to say for himself, Stinger just drove away.

After seeing Lightning beat a modified Chick in the Race-O-Rama finals in Radiator Springs Speedway, he apologized to him along with his friends, Candice and El Machismo for their previous behavior and for being mean to him earlier.

Lightning accepted his apology and invites him over to his racing academy anytime. Stinger revs his engine as a thank you to McQueen and agrees of joining him.

Bubba voiced by Lloyd Sherr is an orange mean tow truck who originally lived in Radiator Springs and is Mater's hated rival.

Some cars are born bad, and Bubba is part of the lot. Not very intelligent, he collects defects. For him, every day is a demolition company which he is the prime contractor.

Its small size does not matter: it has enough for everyone in malignancy receive him. Bubba once reunited with Mater after several years apart who challenges Mater to race in Rustbucket Stadium for the towing rights to Radiator Springs with his friends Tater and Tater Jr.

He has a bully attitude and he's not a very good loser, as he loses the towing racing series to Mater.

He says he will come back for revenge on Mater and get rid of him if it's the last thing he does. Bubba first appeared in the story "Hoodwinked" when he found and took Mater's hood after he accidentally rips it off while show off his fish moves to Buford, Cletus and Judd.

He later appears when Mater and his cousins head back to town where he challenges Mater to a race, and the loser will buy the winner a tank of gas.

Then Mater had an idea. He decided that they should race backwards, because he knew that Bubba can't race backwards.

The race track went down Main Street, around the statue of Stanley twice, then back down Main Street to the finish line.

Bubba started out in the lead, but he lost control when he went around the statue of Stanley. Mater passed him, and won the race.

Tater voiced by Stephen Stanton and Tater Jr. Tater and Tater Jr. Tater Jr. Unlike Bubba, the Taters are friendly and a little goofy.

They didn't win the towing racing series, but they made a new friend since their names Tater rhymes with Mater's name and decide to stay a while in Radiator Springs.

These are characters who have first or only appeared in the film Cars 2 Finn McMissile voiced by Michael Caine , Martin Jarvis in all video games is a British secret agent who recruits Mater , whom he mistakes for a cleverly disguised American agent, to help in his mission.

Caine depicted his character Finn based on his previous role Harry Palmer from The IPCRESS File and its sequels.

He is also similar to James Bond , whom Michael Caine did not portray. Originally, Finn was supposed to appear in the first Cars movie.

In a sequence that never went beyond the storyboarding stage, Lightning and Sally visited a drive-in theater where a James Bond -type film about a superspy car named "Finn McMissile" was playing.

This scene was deleted. The look of the car has been slightly modified; Finn has a different grill that looks like a suave mustache, but like Bond, he does have plenty of gadgets.

He is outfitted with a plethora of gadgets, including: two front bumperette grappling hooks, a right headlight spy camera, a left headlight missile launcher, side mirror digital readouts, a deployable glass cutter, front wheel hub magnetic explosives launchers, side vent deployable machine guns, rear wheel hub deployable surveillance probes, rear bumperette grappling hooks, a rear turn signal oil dispenser, a miniature car that he can deploy called a "skate jack" , an undercarriage mounted quad harpoon gun, a hydrofoil for oversea travel, a roof-deployed holographic disguise emitter, magnet tires, and a submarine-mode for underwater escapes.

His license plate is FMCM, which includes a reference to his initials. The number indicates Caine's birthday, March 14, the same day as Billy Crystal , another actor for Pixar.

His belief about the World Grand Prix turns out to be true, as it was all just a setup by Miles Axlerod to make alternate fuel seem dangerous and make cars run on his own fuel with no choice.

Finn McMissile appears in Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure. It was revealed that Finn was a spy who was on the biggest oil platform in the world before he met Mater.

None of them knew that Mater was not a spy. He just answered the question correctly. She is loosely based on the Jaguar C-X75 and Jaguar XJR Holley's name is a reference to Holley Performance Products , Inc.

Her design was made from a Jaguar XJR Her name is possibly also a reference to Bond Girl Holly Goodhead. Her license plate is HS, which includes her initials.

The number is Emily Mortimer's birthday in American date order December 1. Holley is equipped with gadgets including: front projection lamps above headlights that emit a heads-up display, headlight cameras; a side right wheel concealed gun and an electro-shock device, a telescoping utility arm, undercarriage mounted dual trackball platforms for controlling the heads-up display, and retractable wings for flight.

Holley Shiftwell appears in Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure. She is a playable character in the Disney Infinity series. WDCC — Mickey Mouse Club.

WDCC — Disney Park Figuren. WDCC — Micky's Weihnachtserzählung. WDCC — Nightmare Before Christmas. Alle Figuren, Zubehör und Wissenswertes zum Cartoon Delivery Boy findet man hier:.

WDCC Delivery Boy. Alle Figuren, Zubehör und Wissenswertes zum Cartoon The Brave little Tailor findet man hier:. WDCC — Brave little Tailor.

Alle Figuren, Zubehör und Wissenswertes zum Cartoon Canine Caddy findet man hier:. Alle Figuren, Zubehör und Wissenswertes zum Cartoon The Dognapper findet man hier:.

Alle Figuren, Zubehör und Wissenswertes zum Cartoon Beach Picnic findet man hier:. Alle Figuren, Zubehör und Wissenswertes zum Cartoon Chef Donald findet man hier:.

WDCC - Chef Donald. Es muss ja nicht gleich Donald sein, bei dem jeder an den Pechvogel aus Entenhausen denkt.

Auch Pocahontas ist so ausgefallen und besonders, dass man einem Kind nicht unbedingt einen Gefallen damit tut. Wir stellen Euch einige Jungen- und Mädchennamen vor, die aus Disneyfilmen oder Zeichentrickserien stammen und die man mehr oder weniger an seine Kindern vergeben kann.

Nala : Das Löwenmädchen aus "König der Löwen" hat einen Namen, der auf Suaheli ganz einfach "Löwe" bedeutet. Als Vorname klingt er schön, auch wenn viele Disneyfans sicher schnell eine Beziehung zu dem Film herstellen werden.

Klingt sehr weich und weiblich, wird selten vergeben. Alice : Die Titelheldin aus "Alice im Wunderland" hat einen Vornamen, der aus dem Altdeutschen stammt.

Adelheid ist die Urform und bedeutet "sie ist von edlem Wesen". Klingt schön, bei der Aussprache kann es aber Unstimmigkeiten geben: "Älliss" Englisch , "Aliiis" Französisch oder "Alise" Deutsch?

Anita : Der Vorname des Frauchens von Perdita aus " Dalmatiner" scheint zwar aus der Mode gekommen zu sein, ist aber auch heute noch durchaus als Mädchenname vergebbar.

Gaston Beauty and the Beast. Tala Moana. Which Disney baby name is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below! The Ultimate List of Disney Baby Names.

Crystal Nguyen. Here are a few ideas to get you started on brainstorming the perfect Disney baby name: Girls Jasmine Aladdin Ariel The Little Mermaid Belle Beauty and the Beast Elsa Frozen Anna Frozen Alice Alice in Wonderland Aurora Sleeping Beauty Flora Sleeping Beauty Fauna Sleeping Beauty Tiana The Princess and the Frog Eudora The Princess and the Frog Charlotte The Princess and the Frog Megara Hercules Mulan Mulan Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas Jane Tarzan Judy Zootopia Perdita Dalmatians Esmeralda The Hunchback of Notre Dame Bianca The Rescuers Willow Pocahontas Roxanne A Goofy Movie Penny Bolt Peg Lady and the Tramp Wendy Peter Pan Minnie Daisy.

Share this article. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. See Comments. What do you think? Andy ist zwar die Kurzform von Andreas, aber auch ein eigenständiger Name und bedeutet so viel wie "der Männliche" bzw.

Statt Erik oder Erich — wie wäre es mal mit Eric? Apropos "Arielle, die Meerjungfrau": In Sachen Niedlichkeit nicht zu übertreffen ist wohl Fabius, der gelb-blaue Fisch, der Arielle auf all ihren Abenteuern begleitet und ihr mit Rat und Rat zur Seite steht — Nemo who?

Der Name Fabius hat seinen Ursprung in einem römischen Familiennamen und leitet sich vom Wort "faba" Bohne ab. Dieser Disney-Vorname könnte auch glatt als Hollywood-Hipster-Name durchgehen.

Flynn hat eine altirische Herkunft und bedeutet so viel wie "der Rötliche". Wem Christoph zu langweilig ist, wählt einfach die skandinavische Variante davon.

Prinzessin Annas liebenswerter "Frozen"-Freund trägt einen Namen, der "Christusjäger" bedeutet. Der Vorname Louie kommt gleich in mehreren Disney-Produktionen vor.

Am prominentesten sind wohl der Affenkönig King Louie aus "Das Dschungelbuch" sowie Donald Ducks Neffe Louie Duck aus Entenhausen.

Der männliche Vorname ist die englische Variante von Ludwig oder Louis und lässt sich als "angesehener Kämpfer" deuten. De populairste babynamen van dit zijn ze!

De mooiste koninklijke babynamen. Wat is jouw mening hierover? Naam wordt weergegeven. E-mailadres uitsluitend ter validatie.

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